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Avast Ye Scallywags! Season 5 has Arrived 🏴‍☠️🌴

Walk the plank and jump into Mini Royale's newest season!

Ready the cannons! Mini Royale Season 5 is kicking off with a bang!

We’re so excited to jump into the next chapter of Mini Royale: Nations — Season 5: Pirate Booty! Here’s what you can look forward to at launch and over the course of the next 13 weeks.

New Heroes

Season 5: Pirate Booty brings with it a new cast of seafarers. From pirates to sea gods, we’re launching a new gang of Premium and Loot heroes with rarities varying from Uncommon to Legendary.

Like previous seasons, heroes can be summoned in the Lab after collecting all shards of a specific skin. Shards are dropped as prizes from Battle Pass, Contracts, Challenges, Clan Wars, and, for some heroes, from the Pirate Booty Drop.

Certain new heroes will provide boosts in Clan Wars, and some will unlock special quests when equipped.

Season 5 will also feature 4 Fusion heroes (including the sole Season 5 legendary Premium hero, Captain Firebeard) and 1 legendary Fusion weapon.

If you’re new here, Fusion is the process of burning certain recipe ingredients to unlock higher rarity heroes and weapons via the Fusion Lab in

Want to check out some skins? Head to our Season 5 Hero Collection on Magic Eden.

New Weapons

A buccaneer is nothing without their weapon! Season 5 will see all new AK47s, MK18s, P90s, sniper rifles, and vectors.

Like our heroes, weapons will be available to collect as shards, with the full weapons sourced through summoning in the Lab.

You can take a look at our Season 5 Weapon Collection on Magic Eden.

New Battle Pass

New season, new Battle Pass!

Get rewarded for your grind through tiers of Battle Pass prizes. Battle Pass points can be earned from gameplay alone, and are also given as prizes for Clan Wars and Season Quests.

Want better prizes? Unlock the Premium Tier of the Battle Pass by staking a Season 5 Premium Hero.

And don’t forget! You can increase the amounts of Battle Pass points your earn depending on how many minted heroes (any season) you have in your inventory.

Battle Pass Boost Tiers:

  • Tier 1: 10% boost for holders of one Premium Hero

  • Tier 2: 20% boost for holders of 2-4 Premium Heroes

  • Tier 3: 30% boost for holders of 5+ Premium Heroes

  • Tier 4: 40% boost for holders of 10-24 Premium Heroes

  • Tier 5: 50% boost for holders of 25+ Premium Heroes

New Quests

We’re launching a whole new set of Challenges and Contracts for Season 5.

Season Challenges - Available from level 6, prizes include:

  • Loot Hero Shards

  • Loot Weapon Shards

  • Battle Pass Points

Brutal Challenges - Available from level 34, prizes include:

  • Enriched Orbs (crucial for competing in Clan Wars)

Premium Contracts - Available from level 9 and require equipping Premium heroes from various seasons), prizes include:

  • Loot Hero Shards

  • Loot Weapon Shards

  • Butter

  • Military Points

Loot Contracts - Available from level 21, prizes include:

  • Loot Hero Shards

  • Loot Weapon Shards

Fusion Contracts - Available from level 44, prizes include:

  • Gear

During IfToys Season, we introduced Assist Quests to reward players for working together as a team. Now, we’re excited to announce more updates to quest types. Starting with Season 5, players will be able to unlock:

  • Power Quests - Require specific power level for your equipped Hero

  • Perk Quests - Require usage of weapons with specific perks

  • Level Quests - Require specific item level for your equipped Hero

  • Gear Quests - Require Gear to be equipped to you Hero

  • UGC (user-generated content) Quests - Require equipping a Hero made by a Faraway Creator

We’re shaking things up with these new quest types and we’d love your feedback as you play! Hop in our Discord server and let us know what you think about these updates.

Make Your Own Maps

If you missed the news, we recently announced our partnership with Hiber that will let players make their own maps using Hiber3D’s no-code tools and import them into Mini Royale: Nations.

With planned launch of map portability during Season 5, both new and experienced map makers will have new ways to showcase their creativity, and will even be able to earn from their creations.

More information about creator-made maps coming soon!

Say Hello to the Faraway Shop

We’re so excited to launch the Faraway Shop during Season 5. At launch, the Faraway Shop will be a hub where anyone can can buy and sell amazing Heroes made by artists and creators in the Faraway community.

All Heroes made by creators will be useable in Mini Royale: Nations as well as in thousands of partner games, digital experiences and metaverses using our global avatar system enabled by our partnership with Ready Player Me.

Once the Faraway Shop is live, creators will have their own storefronts where they can manage their inventory and make updates. In addition to being able to sell their own custom 3d models, later on, creators will also be able to sell Hero Remixes (existing Faraway-made models with creator-made textures) in the Faraway Shop.

The shop will also highlight top-tier creators through special featuring on the site.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming Faraway Shop!

Campaign Mode

One of our key focuses for the past few seasons has been to improve new player onboarding, and to make sure that the initial newcomer experience is fun, impactful, and easy to digest.

Season 5 will showcase an all new Campaign Mode, where players can complete missions in non-PvP gameplay for prizes. To advance through campaign mode, collect all of the stars at each level.

Prizes for campaign mode include Hero shards, weapon shards, Butter, orbs and enriched orbs.

New Map

Welcome to Paradisa, your newest battleground.

Paradisa is our first ever map to be launched in collaboration with a community artist. This map was created by talented map designer Anak0ndAK - you can find him in our Discord server!

As the first public map to be created externally from Faraway, we’re so excited to get Paradisa out in the wild for you all to experience.

Team Choice in Private Rooms


A small but mighty update - we’ve redesigned the Private Room system to let hosts send out 2 separate links to put players on either team Alpha or team Bravo. This is a huge help for people who want to organize tournaments.

Minting Requirements Updates

Previously, items needed to be upgraded through gameplay to level 10 before they could be minted. As of Season 5, all Heroes and weapons can be minted at level 1. Players must still reach level 20 in order to mint.

And More to Come

We’ll be launching more improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations over the course of Season 5. Stay tuned for more updates in our Discord server and on Twitter!

The Mini Insider
The Mini Insider