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Create Your Own Mini Royale Map in Minutes with Upcoming Hiber3D Partnership

Faraway has partnered with Hiber to let creators make custom maps with no-code world creation tools

If you’re following us on Twitter or are a member of our Discord server, you’ll have heard about a hundred times now that user-generated content is a key focus for us here at Faraway. We believe that some pretty interesting things can happen in player-owned economies when you have artists and community members creating their own game assets, further mirroring decentralized economies in the real world.

We’ve introduced support for user-created textures on existing 3d models with the launch of the Faraway Creator Program, with support for submitting fully customized 3d models coming soon. And today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Hiber that will let user-created maps built through Hiber3D be playable in Mini Royale: Nations.

Here’s what you need to know!

Maps For Players, By Players

Hiber was launched in 2017 to accelerate the adoption of the 3D web by enabling brands and creators to easily build, manage and monetize their own virtual world presence. With close to 5 million user-generated 3D worlds built, HiberWorld has become a hub for creativity by empowering users with seamless tools for world-building.

You can check out some existing games on the HiberWorld site here, and you can jump right into creating your own world as well.

Hiber3D comes equipped with hundreds of objects and custom textures to help users create unique maps just by dragging and dropping. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can make an incredible world in minutes using Hiber3D, regardless of their skill level in 3D design. 

As part of the partnership, we’re working closely with the Hiber team to create a seamless import system that will let map creators implement Mini Royale map requirements like spawn points and flag bases. 

New Monetization Streams for Map Creators

In addition to user-generated content, we maintain a serious focus on interoperability to let game assets travel from our own games out into the burgeoning web3 gaming universe. We don’t just want artists to create their own maps for usage in Mini Royale; We’re building out systems to let map creators profit from their worlds through interoperability with other games outside of the Faraway ecosystem. More on that coming soon.

So yes, Faraway is taking another step forward for user-generated content and interoperability in web3. We’ll let you know when you can start creating your own maps soon, so stay tuned!

The Mini Insider
The Mini Insider