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🧪 Mutants, Unite! Season 6 Mutant Madness is Now Live

Featuring a new map, Battle Pass, Fusion recipes and more!

Revenge of the Mutants! 🧬

Octopus-people, see-through skeletons, rabid-fire rabbits — Mutants have arrived to Mini Royale: Nations!

Season 6 features some of our best heroes and weapons yet, spawning from the depths of corrupt labs and toxic sewers.

As with all seasons, collect shards of Premium and Loot heroes to summon the full character, and use these items during Clan Wars to special boosts! Our open economy systems lets you buy and sell skins game items at your leisure, so check out our Collections on Magic Eden to grab some skins.

Season 6 will last for roughly 3 months. During this time, you can enjoy all new Battle Pass, Contracts and Challenges, Fusion recipes, Attendance rewards, Leaderboard prizes, team-oriented Clan Wars, and more!

Season 6 Battle Pass 🔫

New season, new Battle Pass! Earn Battle Pass points from playing in matches, completing Challenges, joining Clan Wars, and more. Collect hero and weapon shards, Butter, Orbs and other prizes as you grind though this season’s Battle Pass.

Want to unlock the Premium tier of the Battle Pass? Stake a Season 6 Premium Hero for extra special prizes.

Premium Mutant Drop 🧩

During Season 6, you can use the Premium Mutant Drop to collect shards of Premium Mutants. These new Mutants will give special boosts in Clan Wars.

Mutant Fusion 🥼

We’ve got some special Fusion recipes going live in Season 6! If you’re not familiar, Fusion is an in-game process where you can fuse minted items to craft ultra rare heroes and weapons. Fusion items give boosts in Clan Wars, helping you complete Raids faster and get more points from Staking.

The Faraway Shop 🛒

User-generated content is a core feature of the Faraway universe. Over the last few seasons, we’ve launched tools to let creators customize existing Mini Royale heroes, and now, we’re excited to launch the upcoming Faraway Shop, where community members can upload and sell their very own 3d models.

The Faraway Shop launches hand-in-hand with the Faraway Creator Suite, a portal for users to create and deploy their models onto the blockchain of their choice. Purchasers will be able to use these skins in Mini Royale, Ready Player Me compatible products, and in some exciting Faraway products that have yet to be announced.

We’re still early, but check out to get a feel for what’s coming!

Life’s a Beach ☀️

The sea, the sand, and the SSG. Season 6 brings a brand new battlefield to the game: Beach Map. One of our best maps yet, Beach Map features a seaside escape overrun with Mini Royale battlers.

Beach Map is available in private and public matches for Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

Halloween Surprise 🎃

We’ve got a special update planned for this Halloween season! We’re giving a classic map a spookified nighttime makeover. A new hallow-hero will make his entry into the game as well, so stay tuned for updates!

Stay in the Loop ✅

As you may know, Mini Royale: Nations is one of many Faraway products. We have some awesome things coming up over the next few months, like our full Faraway Shop, Serum City, and new tools for player-made experiences. More on that later!

In the meantime, follow us on X and hop into our Discord server for updates, leaks, and events with the Faraway team!

The Mini Insider
The Mini Insider