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Mini Royale: Nations Introduces Blockchain-Powered Clan Wars Jackpot

Power to the players! Mini Royale is launching a sustainable, transparent, and automatic leaderboard payout system for its weekly Clan Wars event

As leaders in the open economy gaming space, we at Faraway are determined to consistently push the standards of web3 game development. We’ve hit many milestones over the course of the last few seasons like:

✅ Launching the first ever in-game direct minting tool for players to generate unique game items and mint them as NFTs

✅ Launching Clan Wars, a weekly in-game event where our players clan up and complete missions to win prizes from the Clan Wars leaderboard

✅ Launching the Mini Royale Fusion Lab where players can burn minted heroes and weapons (based on specific fusion recipes) in exchange for higher rarity skins

✅ Launching Item Shards, which defends against value-extraction by requiring players to participate in various game mechanics like Battle Pass, Quests, and Clan Wars to acquire enough shards before they can mint and trade the items

And that’s just a fraction of all that we’ve accomplished over the past few seasons. There is no industry blueprint for how to best operate an open economy game, but we are continuing to listen to our players and ship features to create the most fun and economically sustainable experience possible.

Now, we’ve checked off another exciting game feature for the Mini Royale open economy - The Clan Wars Jackpot! 🏆

Before we get to the good stuff, here’s a brief Clan Wars overview 📜

Clan Wars are recurring leaderboard events where Clans complete Raids, engage in game item staking for Economic Points, and, once a month, implement big brain strategy to build and defend their cities from enemy Clan missile attacks in World Domination mode. If you’re new to Clan Wars, you can check out our guide here.

Clan Wars are an essential part of Mini Royale. Each week’s Clan War sees peak battle activity and rivalry amongst our game’s strongest clans.

Check out our current Clan Seasonal Leaderboard to meet our top clans!

At the end of each Clan War, the Clans that place on the tiered leaderboard receive prizes like item shards, $BUTTER (the off-chain game token in Mini Royale), Battle Pass points, and more.

Prizes for weekly Clan Wars include $BUTTER, skin shards, and Battle Pass Points

And here’s the big news:

Starting with Season 4, Clans and Individuals on the Clan Wars Leaderboard will now also receive SOL!

That’s right, things just got real. Let the competitive juices start flowing.

How Does This Work?

Each week, Mini Royale will release 1 special Premium skin that will have a huge boost in the Clan War of that week. As our players know, acquiring and equipping Boosted Skins is an essential element of Clan Wars strategy.

Example of a featured Premium hero on the new site

In order to unlock this featured skin, players can pay a small fee in SOL to open a loot box and obtain a randomized number of skin shards. In addition to the weekly featured skin, shards of all Season 4 Premium hero skins are also accessible through this mechanic.


There are 3 skin types in Mini Royale: Premium skins, Loot skins, and Special skins.

Premium skins come with a series of bonuses, like unlocking the Premium Battle Pass, contributing to Battle Pass Boost, unlocking special Quests, providing staking bonuses in Clan Wars, and, for some season collections, securing holders a bag of $BUTTER and $CHEDDAR (when the token launches).

Loot skins are acquired in-game through the regular Battle Pass & Quests, and can be created through Fusion in the Lab.

Special skins are reserved for top-tier collaborations. Special skins also unlock the Premium Battle Pass and contribute to the Battle Pass Boost.

Once a players has all the shards of the featured skin, they can summon their new hero in The Lab and equip them for Clan Wars.

And this is where the Jackpot comes in. A chunk of the SOL spent by all players to acquire these skins by opening the loot box will go directly to the Clan Wars Jackpot. This amount will then be automatically redistributed to the top Clans and Individuals who place on the leaderboard for that week.

The Clan Wars Tiered Leaderboard will show how much SOL goes to which Clans at the end of the Clan War

Within each Clan, the SOL is further distributed to Clan members based on their point contribution during the Clan War.

Behold - The Power of Blockchain - transparent and automatic player payouts.

The Clan’s SOL prize is automatically distributed to players based on the amount of points earned during the Clan War

The Season 4 Clan Wars SOL Jackpot will go live in December 2022. Hop in our Discord server and follow us on Twitter to get instant updates, access to guides, and more!

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The Mini Insider