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Announcing Mini Royale x Ready Player Me - The First Ever 2-Way Interoperability in Web3

We partnered with Ready Player Me to let players bring their avatars across gaming worlds and metaverses 🚀

Ready Player Me is a leading avatar platform, with thousands of partner apps across gaming, virtual experiences, streaming solutions, and more. We joined forces with the Ready Player Me team to bring true, permissionless interoperability to life.

The partnership between Mini Royale: Nations and Ready Player Me is rooted in both companies’ belief that interoperability will define the future of Web3 and the metaverse. By breaking down walled gardens and empowering developers, the creator economy will flourish, leading to greater creativity, a better end-user experience, and broader accessibility regardless of platform, operating system, or geographic location. Furthermore, by giving players true ownership of their items through blockchain-enabled interoperability, game assets now have a life outside of their original game, increasing their intrinsic value and reducing their dependency on the financial success of the original game.

If you’re not familiar, Ready Player Me lets users create awesome avatars from scratch, or even from a selfie. Players can use their Ready Player Me avatars in apps like Portals, Spatial, and more. You can see the full list of partner apps here.

And now, with the launch of our partnership, players can import their existing Ready Player Me avatars, or make new ones from scratch, all within Mini Royale: Nations

But it doesn’t stop there. With the partnership, Mini Royale players can also bring their skins into all Ready Player Me enabled apps.

This news got the attention of some pretty big outlets. Check out coverage of the Mini Royale: Nations x Ready Player Me partnership in VentureBeat.

How It Works

Ready Player Me ➡ Mini Royale: Nations

To use your Ready Player Me avatar in Mini Royale: Nations, log in to your account. Click Loadouts in the left-hand menu, and select any hero to be brought to the Inventory page.

From there, you’ll be able to log in to your existing Ready Player Me account, or create a new one. If you link your account, you can use any Ready Player Me skin that you’ve already created, or you can make a brand new avatar.

Once you choose your skin, click Equip to wear it in game. You skin will be automatically saved in your Ready Player Me avatar collection.

Mini Royale: Nations ➡ Ready Player Me

You can bring your Season 4 Mini Royale: Nations skins into the Ready Player Me avatar hub, with compatibility for other seasons coming soon.

To start, head to, log in or create an account, click Enter Hub, then go to Wardrobe.

Connect your Phantom wallet, then select the skins you want to import.

Once you import your skins, click Wear on the skin you want, then select the skin, then Enter Hub!

Congrats! You can now use your skins in hundreds of Ready Player Me enabled apps. Try it out for yourself! Click Discover Apps and jump into your new world.

Mini Royale Hero Kai Ken enjoying the view in a world

This is just the start of a new world of interoperability for games in and beyond the Faraway ecosystem. But it doesn’t end here — We’ll be opening the doors for player generated content through the ability to create your own skins, and let others mint and buy them in your very own creator Storefront in the Faraway Marketplace.

Join our discord server to stay on top of updates about the new creator world in Mini Royale: Nations.

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The Mini Insider